E-Rate Q&A

Any Questions regarding E-Rate should be directed to D165erate@marengo165.org.
Answers to questions regarding the E-Rate Form 470 will be posted on this website page so all information is made equally available:

Q) How many POTS lines/how much per line?
A) Our basic POTS service (pre erate discount) is $28 per line. Federal access charges are an additional $5.19 per line. Here is the current configuration:
Locust School - 7 lines, 1 is a dedicated fax line Grant/District Office - 5 lines, 2 are designated fax lines MCMS - 8 lines- one is a designated fax. Lines are all located at the MCMS location

Q) The extension only sets - are they classroom phones and require voicemail?
A) Yes - all classroom phones will need voicemail

Q) What speed is your Internet at both schools?
A) We currently have a 100MB fiber connection for internet. We share this with our other building over a wireless rooftop device.

Q) What type of connectivity is between the 2 schools?
A) We have a wireless device on each rooftop which supports around a 100MB connection between buildings

Q) What type of access do you have in each building?
A) We have POTS lines and Fiber

Q) Are you satisfied with this access?
A) Yes and no - The internet connection at 100MB is pretty sufficient however we would like more redundancy

Q) Will you require gigabit to classrooms?
A) Not necessary 10/100 sufficient

Q) Does the school have attendance lines/homework lines that require voicemail?
A) I do not believe so

Q) Are all calls being answered by an auto attendant or real person?
A) Our secretaries answer and direct the calls

Q) Will you consider anything other than Cisco Access Points and Controllers
A) I am willing to take other vendor equipment into consideration.

Q) Will all cat5/6 cable be in place already?
A) No - Locust building will need a cable pulled into each classroom. MCMS will be determined based on classroom location and ease of installation.

Q) What will be connected to the router interfaces and the speeds for these connections
A) Cat5e/Cat6 - 100MB

Q) What will be the purpose of this router
A) Edge or VPN

Q) Will the router need any special licensing for unified communications or security?
A) Unsure

Q) What is the anticipated throughput necessary on the router?
A) UPDATED* up to 75mbps with services

Q) Will the requested router be used for Layer 3 routing
A) Possibly, depending on whether we decide to subnet our other building

Q) Will the requested router be outside the firewall?
A) Most likely

Q) Are you requesting 2 additional controllers?
A) Yes

Q) Are the two existing controllers in a high availability configuration?
A) No - Each controller has a license to support up to 12 AP's - The number of AP's supported on each are nearly maxed (12, 10)

Q) Are you looking to have a controller on premise at each location?
A) Yes

Q) Are you considering a cload model for wireless?
A) No

Q) Would you like us to include stacking modules/cables with EACH switch or show it as an option?
A) Sure

Q) What are the specific PoE requirements (in watts) Will the switches be providing power to other devices other than AP's?
A) Minimum of 370W - No

Q) Is there a specific level of SmartNet you are looking for?
A) If we were to purchase smartnet it would be the 8x5 at a 1 year term. We do not usually purchase smartnet for switches.

Q) Is the 200MB requirement at Locust School a wired solution?
A) We are looking to add up to a 200MB wired connection coming into the building

Q) Are you looking for 1-3 year terms?
A) Yes

Q) How many sites will need voice services?
A) 2 sites will potentially need voice services

Q) How many phones do you need in total?
A) Estimating around 115 phones for both sites

Q) Specify quantities of each type of handset you require or currently own?
A) 100 Basic classroom phones/15 administrative phones/3 Fax lines

Q) We offer lease and purchase options, which one would be best for you?
A) We are still determining the best solution for our environment

Q) How many lines require voicemail?
A) Nearly all of them (est. 100)

Q) Do you need expansion modules for receptionist phones?
A) Unsure

Q) Are your sties VoIP ready?
A) Not quite

Q) Do you have PoE switches?
A) We have a few already in our environment but are looking to add more

Q) What is your current bandwidth?
A) 100MB

Q) Do you have VLANS or QoS on your network for voice quality?
A) No

Q) What is your current connection type?
A) Fiber

Q) Do you currently own a router?
A) Yes

Q) Would you like voice and data on the same connection, or seperate?
A) That is dependent upon a few factors but will most likely reside on the same connection

Q) Do you need Auto Attendant?
A) Not sure

Q) Conference Calling for more than 3 parties?
A) Doubtful

Q) Do you have existing Telephone numbers you wish to transfer to the VoIP service?
A) I'm sure if we are able to keep existing numbers/fax then yes/8 numbers

Q) How many extension-only phones do you currently have?
A) Est. 70

Q) Do you require system paging?
A) We would like intercoms on the classroom phones to be used for paging

Q) Do you require voicemail to email?
A) Not required but could be useful

Q) Do you require Receptionist Console Software?
A) Not sure but could be useful

Q) Do you already have Cisco Access Points and Controller installed in the district and are just expanding?
A) Yes we currently have 2 Controllers and are looking to add additional Controller(s) and AP(s)

Q) Is there a planned vendor meeting or walk-through scheduled?
A) Not at this time

Q) Are there drawings available?
A) UPDATED* Yes - I have provided two PDF documents(one of each building) that are available for download at the bottom of this page.

Q) What are your needs as far as capacity/coverage of your wireless?
A) We are looking for overall support of up to 1000 devices/per building/100% building coverage

Q) How many classrooms will require wireless coverage?
A) We would like all classrooms to have wireless coverage - Estimated 40 classrooms per bulding

Q) Do you have a preference of 802.11n or 802.11ac access points?
A) We currently have 802.11n in place but would consider the move to ac

Q) Do you have alternate budget besides eRate?
A) Yes

Q) Do you have any building drawings you can send me?
A) UPDATED* Building drawings have been provided as PDF download links at the bottom of this page.

Q) What are you currently using for wireless and is it working for you?
A) We have 2 WLAN 5508 controllers in place which manage around 25 1142n AP's. Everything is working well.

Q) Have you had any experience with Aerohive Networks Wi-Fi?
A) Not as of yet

Q) Will there be any SmartNet Agreements needed, if so what level?
A) That is dependent on the equipment. Switches - no , WLAN Controller - yes , Firewall - yes

Q) Will any implementation services be required?
A) Most likely not. We implement all of our own hardware and do our own setup/configuration of anything within our capability.

Q) Port density required: 24- or 48-ports?
A) 48 ports

Q) Will the switches be installed in the same closet? If so, are stacking capabilities/modules necessary?
A) Most switches will be installed in an existing closet. We use mainly stacked rack switches

Q) Are any optics/SFPs necessary?

Q) What devices will be connected to the UPS?
A) Switches
Q) What is the desired uptime?
A) 5 - 10 minutes

Q) How many U are needed?
A) 8U - but the depth has to fit the switch with power cable plugged in and be able to close!
Q) What equipment will be installed in this rack?
A) Switches

Q) Are there existing Cisco Access Points that will be connecting to the 5508 controllers? If so, how many?
A) No/(Yes) - No, our controllers right now support all AP's in our environment (24AP's - 12 on each controller) so the ones we are requesting would be in addition to our current setup.(Yes) as in AP's can sometimes hop controllers if any downtime occurs.

Q) What connections will the router need to accommodate?
A) A connection to the firewall (VPN)

Q) The maximum recommended length for a CAT5e cable is 295 feet. Is it requested that we simply provide quantity (6) 1000ft rolls of CAT5e cable for Locust Elementary and (10) 1000ft rolls of CAT5e cable for Grant/Marengo Middle?
A) Yes we are interested in the bulk 1000ft boxes. When we pull cable we do not exceed a distance of 300 ft due to attenuation in the line.