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1920s Radio Show   8th Grade Social Studies is wrapping up their 1920s unit with two activities: a student composed radio play and a dinner party. The students were placed into groups to compose radio segments about all of the topics we have learned in our unit: the Prohibition, advertising, gangsters and flappers, the Great Migration, jazz music and the Harlem Renaissance as well as the latter half of the Women’s Suffrage Movement. The students recorded and we sound edited it into a final radio show. Each student was assigned a famous figure from the 1920s to research and become for our dinner party. The students could dress up and mingle at a ‘speakeasy party’ interviewing each other about their person. This gave them a chance to learn more about the people who had a hand in changing society, culture and the economy in the 1920s.

Cultivate Kindness  This year, Mrs. Keenum's Language Arts classes are working to "Cultivate Kindness", not only in our school, but around the community, county and even country.  As part of that initiative, a game day was held on Tuesday, October 3rd, after school in our classroom, for all new 7th grade students.  For an hour and a half, students played board games, made new friends and enjoyed snacks together.

cePTA Thanks You  MCMS is super excited as we raised over $10,000 for the cePTA Fundraiser!  Thank you to all of our families and to cePTA for coming up with this great idea!